At CBC, Kindness Is Not Just A Virtue, But A Way Of Life

We speak about kindness often here at CBC Fremantle. Last year, Mr Burgio called for an outbreak of kindness. This year, the mantra remains consistent: be kind, be selfless and bring joy into the lives of others.

During yesterday's Mass, Mrs Denny's words to the boys of Kelly House struck a chord. Her message revolved around authenticity, underscoring the boys' innate capacity for kindness. Mrs Denny candidly pointed out that the challenging conversations she has with students about their conduct only arise when the boys deviate from their authentic selves. Their rapt attention to her words showed the impact of her encouragement for them to embrace their genuine and kind natures; being true to who they are born to be.

The sentiment of the morning left a profound impression on me, catching me off guard with its emotional depth. Upon discussing it with Ms Denny afterwards, her response was simple yet powerful: "Well, that's how I feel."

Ms Bowler also told me a story this week about the kindness of CBC gentlemen. As they walked back to school after presenting at a conference, Ms Bowler and the boys stopped at a café for milkshakes. This isn't the reason the boys volunteered to present, but it didn't diminish their motivation either. She ordered one for each of the boys and one for herself. When the order was ready, there were only two milkshakes on the counter. One of the boys picked up both milkshakes and selflessly handed one to Ms Bowler and the other to his friend. He didn't prioritise himself; his first thought was of the people around him. This simple act of kindness epitomises what is beautiful about our students.

We are privileged to see these acts every day. We are also privileged to have staff so attuned to noticing and appreciating these acts of kindness in our students.

Much as it pains me to praise anything about Collingwood Football Club, their young captain Darcy Moore shows a grace, humility and interest in others that is admirable. He described himself to Gary Lyon in an interview as "someone who's pretty interested in the world and pretty curious to learn about things. I'm pretty engaged in reading the news and current affairs and I'm studying politics." Moore always speaks with eloquence and generosity, having a broad and inclusive view and always acknowledges the efforts of others.

In today's tumultuous world, kindness like Moore and our students show remains an indispensable pillar at CBC Fremantle, serving as a beacon of hope and compassion. Amidst the recent challenges that have gripped our national and global consciousness, our students have continued to exemplify the very essence of kindness in their daily actions and interactions. From small gestures of camaraderie to selfless acts of support, they consistently demonstrate a genuine concern for others. These instances, often unnoticed yet profoundly impactful, create a ripple effect that reverberates throughout our school community.

By fostering an environment where kindness is not just a virtue but a way of life, we equip our students with the values and mindset necessary to face life's challenges with empathy and compassion. It is through the cultivation of kindness that we sow the seeds of peace and understanding, supporting a generation of empathetic and responsible global citizens ready to tackle the very real complexities of the modern world.

Ms Jenny Knox