A Time to Build: Embracing Life's Seasons and Nurturing Growth

1h1a1769.jpgIn his timeless words in Ecclesiastes, Solomon beautifully captures the essence of life's diverse experiences—a time for joy and a time for sorrow, a time for planting and a time for uprooting, a time for tearing down and a time for building. At CBC Fremantle, we find ourselves in a season of building in more ways than one.

We are excited to witness the progress of our building projects, as well as the completion of restorations and refurbishments over the past two years. Our cherished Chapel, restored to its former glory through the generosity of our Alumni and the vision of Mr. Burgio, stands proudly as the heart of our College. Vibrant Science labs are once again alive with students experimenting, discovering, and hypothesising. The Year 7 classrooms, Arts learning spaces, and the Year 12 Learning Centre are bustling hubs of creativity and endeavour.

Our students and staff have adapted well to taking alternative routes around the College as the demolition work takes place on the west side of the Cloisters. Any excessively noisy work has been scheduled before and after school, or on weekends and holidays to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum. In their usual way, the boys take it all in their stride and are excited by the prospect of contemporary, new spaces.
While we witness these physical changes, we must remember that our most vital building project remains the construction of the CBC Gentleman—a capable, kind, and confident young man, well-equipped to make the world a better place. We recognise the privileged window of time we have, as both educators and families, to guide our boys on this journey.

As parents, you place your trust in us when you hand over your boys to the College each day, and we take this responsibility very seriously. Our teachers are highly trained experts in education who care deeply about your sons and understand how they learn best. With wisdom and compassion, they help the boys learn from failures, build resilience, be curious, tenacious, and kind. They make informed judgments based on a deep understanding of each student, working tirelessly to guide them towards their goals.
This work in forming the boys is a partnership. Families play a pivotal role in empowering their sons on their learning journey, supporting and nurturing their educational and personal growth. CBC families take a proactive and positive approach in many ways.
Our families set the stage for learning, ensuring the boys are well-prepared, well-rested and ready to learn each day. They create a study environment at home that fosters focus and concentration. They encourage our boys to pay attention to the small things because from these small things, habits grow and create a foundation for success.

Families play a pivotal role in empowering their sons on their learning journey, supporting and nurturing their educational and personal growth. 

They take a genuine and infectious interest in their son's studies. They show excitement about his academic progress to inspire a positive attitude towards growth, embracing challenges as learning opportunities. They teach our boys that setbacks are valuable opportunities for growth, modelling resilience and a growth mindset in facing difficulties.

CBC families celebrate progress and effort rather than grades, acknowledging and celebrating their boys' hard work and determination. And importantly, they foster open communication, creating a safe space for the boys to express themselves and seek guidance.

Later in Ecclesiastes, it is written that: "He has made everything beautiful in its time." Just like a tapestry viewed from the back, life may sometimes seem chaotic and unclear, but the weaver has a purpose for every thread, intricately weaving each detail into a beautiful masterpiece.

Life can take a complex, unclear and unpredictable path. As members of the CBC Fremantle community, we are entrusted with the privilege of guiding our students through their formative years. Let us be a source of wisdom, comfort, and strength as they navigate life's seasons. Let us embrace the belief that there is indeed a time for everything, and each season plays a significant part in God's beautiful plan for their lives.

Ms Jenny Knox