An authentic identity


As a school in the tradition of Edmund Rice we embrace the four guiding Touchstones that are the foundations of our Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) identity.

The Touchstones are Liberating Education, Gospel Spirituality, Inclusive Community and Justice and Solidarity, and the more you examine them, the deeper they can connect us to a life of grace and solace.


Right from the beginning of their CBC journey, our Year 7 students are introduced to the Touchstones. During their first days of high school, each student paints a ceramic tile with colourful depictions and interpretations of the Touchstones. These tiles are planned to adorn the steps leading to Blessed Edmund Chapel, 'lifting us up' as we head to Masses and Liturgies. The symbolism of each tile decorated by our boys every year forming a part of a whole installation, greater than its individual parts, is a wonderful representation of our College community.


Each term we focus on one of the four Touchstones, and throughout Term 1 we highlight Gospel Spirituality. This focus brings to the fore our aspiration that CBC gentlemen form attitudes and actions based on Gospel values. The Gospel Spirituality Touchstone encourages forgiveness, reconciliation and resolve. This week at the College, we have undertaken reconciliation. Each young man has placed himself in the presence of God, examining his conscience and connecting with goodness. Whether students are Catholic or not, they are invited into this sacrament, and it is a rare moment of stillness and inward reflection for them. Sitting with the students in the Chapel, seeing their reverence, apprehension and nervous energy dissipate into a kind of serenity, relief and resolve after they 'face themselves' is uplifting to witness.

Another of our Touchstones is Inclusive Community. CBC is spearheading a campaign beginning next week on language. To be a truly inclusive community, words matter. Words are powerful. Words can alienate, diminish and do damage. Words can also uplift, inspire and include. Led by our entire Year 12 student body, this campaign will challenge each student in the College to choose words that do the latter. Our aim is for all  of our young men to understand the importance of language and how it is used. It is so important to grasp the concept that our intentions often don't matter as they cannot predict the impact of our words  as each person carries their own story. There will be a poster in each classroom that outlines language to avoid and language that is inclusive and, as the primary educators of our young men, we urge you to foster inclusive language in your own home. There will be sessions in each Mentor class, run by Year 12 students, and supported by Mentor teachers. By calling out language that, whether intentional or not, diminishes and harms others, and by promoting inclusive language, we can shape a culture that is safe, a culture that celebrates diversity, and a culture that is authentically inclusive. A culture that permeates a community that seeks to make the world a better place.

To find out more about our Touchstones, you can click here.

God bless.

Ms Jenny Knox
Vice Principal