Celebrating the CBC family

Our school year, and our lives in general, remain a little unpredictable in the shadow of COVID. From periods where we almost forget it existed, to lockdowns and daily updates on where to from here. It is very unfortunate that some College and community events have been cancelled and others postponed, but in Western Australia, we probably have had it as good as anywhere in the world. As I write to you, it saddens me that the Mothers' Day Liturgies scheduled for Thursday and Friday of this week have been postponed until next week. I sincerely hope that they occur and are celebrated with the same love and emotion, albeit a week late.

What I have learned in recent weeks, and a trend I've experienced in recent years, is how quickly many people are inclined to jump at shadows, predict the next disaster (sometimes with restrained jubilation) and judge others for their leadership actions from the comfort of their lounge chairs. There are many things about these current times that I don't understand, or agree with, but I know that my role in this community is to deal with it, and for that I thank the wonderful leadership team, wider staff, the parents and the students. Your steadfast support and feedback have been incredibly important as we navigate uncertainty and do our best.

In all this uncertainty, the things I look forward to most are the certainties. That is why Edmund Rice Day never fails to lift my spirits. This year was no different. Despite the weather harbingers of doom, a spectacular day ensued, with the sun bursting through the clouds just as the festival began. Given the overcast conditions and weather prediction, I mentioned to my wife I wouldn't be surprised if two to three hundred boys used the opportunity to miss the day. Not a chance. We had more attendees that would normally present for a traditional six period day. We had a beautiful Mass livesteamed to every Mentor Class, and the same reverence shown by the boys as if they were at St Peter's. We had scores of stalls, every palate taken care of, staff working their backsides off outside their areas of mastery, boys from every year stepping up to lead, staff and students volunteering for the dunk tank, incredible entertainment from Kyan Matthews and Cooper McManus finishing up with what is becoming an Edmund Rice Day tradition -- Mr Silveira's version of Sweet Caroline supported by the Year 12 gentlemen. It was just a fantastic day, celebrating our Founder, but beyond that, celebrating who we are. When the layers are peeled back, the brilliant students, the boys who struggle, the sublime athletes, and those, who like me, couldn't run out of sight on a dark night, all become equals. They are all just CBC boys; formed in the image of God and celebrating our community, our faith, our diversity and our oneness. On Edmund Rice Day we are just sisters and brothers of the CBC family. For me, it is this certainty, and others like it, that shine when the darkness of uncertainty surrounds me. I hope it is for you too.

God Bless,

Mr Domenic Burgio