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COVID-19 update - Monday 14 February

Dear Families of CBC Fremantle

I hope you are all safe and well.

The College Leadership Team met over the weekend to discuss the COVID-19 guidelines and review how we have been doing at CBC.

May I begin by thanking our families for supporting us in implementing these guidelines. Every time we model or encourage an attitude or behaviour, students get a clear and consistent message about our expectations of them. And hopefully every time we consider the safety of our community, someone feels a little safer.

After careful consideration we are making the following changes:

Mentor Groups

The Vertical Mentor system at CBC Fremantle is a jewel in our pastoral crown. It is not without a great deal of anguish that we have had to review on balance its continuation in the interim whilst we are being asked to do everything possible to keep the year groups apart. It was weighing on my mind all of last week, but we have decided to ensure that year levels are kept as separate as possible at school, and as a result, we will be moving to a horizontal model as of Tuesday.

Mentor Teachers will generally remain in the same room, but will have students from a particular year level in their House.

Where possible, years will be assigned to Mentor Teachers based on the degree of contact they have with the year group – so if a teacher teaches a lot of Year 11 classes, they may be assigned the Year 11 Mentor Group in their House.

The Year 12 Mentor Classes will be held across the road at 223 High Street.

This morning, the Year 7 students were given the opportunity to meet their new Mentor Teachers and be briefed about the location of their new Mentor Class.

We are aware of how important connection with your Mentor Group is but these are the times we live in. We have put out an 'All Points Bulletin' for any boy who may feel anxious about the change. Please encourage your son to seek advice from his Head of House, or regular Mentor Teacher if the change is disconcerting. My hope is that this will only be a short-term arrangement.


Students may need encouragement to wear masks correctly. The latest health advice is that students will also now be asked to wear masks in high density outdoors areas such as stairwells.

Please be aware we are currently replacing, or handing out nearly 100 masks a day. Interestingly not one boy has forgotten his mobile phone at home. It would be great if you could gently remind your son about his priorities.

I have had a few conversations with parents for whom mask-wearing is not a first order priority. I fully empathise with their position and view that it is inconvenient, disrupts non-verbal communication and we all can't wait until we don't have to wear them again. What I remind everyone of is that there are members of our community, both CBC and the wider public, who are genuinely anxious about their own vulnerability, and this should be the pre-eminent consideration. Boys can ask permission to step outside for a moment if they are feeling claustrophobic.


Thank you for your ongoing support. As I said to many of the boys today, this will end one day, hopefully sooner than later. I can't wait for that day!

As always, I am available to discuss this, or any other College issue, should you wish to raise it.

Warmest regards

Mr Domenic Burgio