COVID-19 update - Monday 14 March

Dear Families of CBC Fremantle

As part of our weekly COVID-19 update, I again express my sincere gratitude for the ongoing support of our school community, especially during the move to very high caseload settings. We often speak of the strong and positive partnership between home and school. The support received from our families for the students, staff and each other has shown how powerful and nourishing these partnerships can be in times of uncertainty.


The College has recorded 32 COVID-19 positive cases in our community since the beginning of the Omicron outbreak in WA. There are currently 14 active cases.

Of those still recovering, there are two Year 7, one Year 9, two Year 10 and two Year 11 students who were deemed as infectious at school, as well as one staff member. All close contacts were notified and appropriate action taken.

School continues as usual onsite, following the guidelines provided by the Health Department of Western Australia (WA Health) and Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA).


There is a new and streamlined process for self-reporting COVID-19 results. It is important that families inform the College if their son tests positive for COVID-19 so that we can conduct contact tracing and educational continuity planning. Please also continue to notify us if your child returns a negative PCR/RAT result, after:

  • being identified as a close contact (Day 1 test to return to school as an asymptomatic close contact), and/or
  • being identified as a household close contact (Day 7 test to conclude quarantine)

To help streamline this process a 'COVID-19 Self-reporting Form for Students and Staff' has been developed by CEWA. Parents and guardians can now inform the school of their son's positive or negative COVID-19 result via this link. The information will go directly to the Principal, prompting our COVID-19 response.

The link is also available on our website here.


What happens if my son attends school when unwell or develops symptoms throughout the day?

The College will contact you as soon as possible to collect your son. Your son will be isolated in a safe place until he can be collected. Please do not send boys to school if they are at all unwell, even if they have tested negative for COVID-19.

What do Very High Caseload Settings mean for my family?

Students who are asymptomatic close contacts (other than those who are household close contacts) may now:

  • continue attending school, once tested negative with RAT or PCR test
  • attend school-based sporting or co-curricular practice or events organised through the school and held immediately before or after school at their school; and
  • travel between the student's usual place of residence and their school (public transport should be avoided wherever possible)

AND at all other times, asymptomatic close contacts should quarantine for seven days, with the last day of contact with the COVID-19 positive case being 'Day 0'.

Where a COVID-19 positive case is in the family home, a close contact is not permitted to attend school. 

What happens if my son is deemed a close contact at school?

The College will contact you as soon as possible. Your son will be required to isolate for seven days but will be permitted to attend school if he is asymptomatic and no household members have COVID-19. We provide detailed instructions to families of students who are close contacts. 

What happens if my son is deemed a close contact outside of school?

Let the College know immediately by emailing me at so that we can provide advice to support your son. He will be required to isolate for seven days but will be permitted to attend school if he has no symptoms and no household members have COVID-19. 

What if someone in our household tests positive?

Members of the household become 'household close contacts' in the event that there is a COVID-19 positive case in the home. Household close contacts are required to isolate for seven days from the date of last contact with the positive person. Students who are household close contacts are not permitted to attend school. Provisions will be made so that they can learn from home.

What if my son tests positive to COVID-19?

WA Health will provide you with information and instructions about health care and isolating.

Let the College know immediately via this link so that we can begin contact tracing and planning to support your son.

What if my son tests positive on a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT)?

Rapid antigen tests are now acceptable forms of test results. Positive RAT results need to be registered at the following address:

Please also inform the College immediately via this link.

How do we access learning from home?

The College website has easy to follow Continuity of Learning information available via the following link: 

How do I talk to my son about COVID-19? 

CEWA have put together some excellent resources on talking to young people about COVID-19:


Please avoid listening to rumour, hearsay or second-hand information. The College Leadership Team (CLT) will communicate all pertinent information directly with families in weekly updates and more frequently if and when necessary. If you have any questions, please contact a member of the CLT.

Please continue to encourage your son to wear masks correctly, keep him well-stocked with masks and do not send him to school if he is unwell. Monitor for symptoms and get tested if symptoms develop.

Our priority is always the health, safety and wellbeing of our students and all members of our broader community. For more information on the Very High Caseload Settings visit:

We continue to adapt and refine how we can best serve our students and College community in line with advice from CEWA and WA Health. If you need support, advice or assistance, please be in touch. You can reach me directly on 0499 020 226 and or contact Mr Burgio on 0400 880 861.

Kind regards

Ms Jenny Knox
Vice Principal