COVID-19 update - Monday 21 March

Dear Families of CBC Fremantle

As a part of the weekly COVID-19 update, I would like to again acknowledge and thank you for your ongoing support and help in keeping the school safe for students and staff.

The College has recorded 61 COVID-19 positive cases in our community since the beginning of the Omicron outbreak in WA and there are currently 33 active cases. There are also students who are learning from home because they are household close contacts or are waiting on test results.

As you can imagine, behind each new case and each statistic is a family with a unique set of circumstances. Some families who are isolating have no extended family to collect school books or deliver groceries and offer practical support; in some households everyone has become sick; some students have been quite unwell and some find online learning challenging; some of us have vulnerable family members or are separated from family for fear of unwittingly spreading the virus to them; and for others life remains fairly easy. As a community, we hope to provide support and care for those who have been impacted, and a soft landing for students who are returning to school.

The current cases across year groups are: 7 x Year 7 students, 2 x Year 8 students, 9 x Year 9 students,  9 x Year 10 students, 1 x Year 11 student, and 4 x Year 12 students.

We are doing our very best to be as diligent as we can in our school-based contact tracing which we are asked to undertake on behalf of WA Health. We extend a huge thank you to parents for your support and assistance when we contact you and your sons to work through each scenario, cross checking to ensure students are not isolating unless they meet specific criteria. On the odd occasion parents push back, it makes an unpleasant task unnecessarily more so.

School continues as usual onsite, following the guidelines provided by the Health Department of Western Australia (WA Health) and Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA).


Please continue to use the self-reporting portal to record COVID-19 results via this LINK for all positive student cases. This way, we can act quickly to support families and identify potential close contacts. Also record negative results here when students are on Day 6 or Day 7 of close contact isolation.

The link is also available on our website:


Let the College know immediately if your son is deemed a close contact outside of school, including a household close contact. Email me at so that we can provide advice to support your son. Close contacts are required to isolate for seven days but students will be permitted to attend school if they have no symptoms, test negative and no household members have COVID-19.


Please find attached the following advice for current very high caseload environment:

  • Information and FAQs for all Parents, Caregivers and Guardians
  • What do the new COVID-19 rules mean for my child? 


CEWA have put together some excellent resources on talking to young people about COVID-19:


Please continue to encourage your son to wear masks correctly, keep him well-stocked with masks and do not send him to school if he is unwell. Monitor for symptoms and get tested if symptoms develop.

If you need support, advice or assistance, please be in touch. You can reach me directly on 0499 020 226 and or contact College Principal Mr Burgio on 0400 880 861.

Ms Jenny Knox
Vice Principal