COVID-19 update - Tuesday 10 May 2022

Dear Families of CBC Fremantle

On Sunday, my daughter gave me a small plaque for Mother's Day which read, 'It's ok to fall apart sometimes – tacos do, and we still love them'.  For many of us, the continued strain of COVID-19 causes stress and anxiety, not only the physical impact from the sickness itself but also the emotional unrest from trying to juggle continuously changing expectations.  As we find ourselves at different times feeling like we might 'fall apart', I hope the support of this community offers you, like it does me, comfort and strength.

Today sees a new record number of COVID-19 cases in Western Australia and this is reflected in kind at the College. Please keep all those impacted, and especially the most vulnerable amongst us, in your thoughts and prayers. It is heartening to belong to a community that shows care and concern for one another, and we see that every day at the College.


The College has recorded 329 COVID-19 positive cases in our community since the beginning of the Omicron outbreak. Today, there are 93 active cases amongst students and staff. The current case distribution across year groups is: 15 Year 7 students, 20 Year 8 students, 12 Year 9 students, 13 Year 10 students, nine Year 11 students and 18 Year 12 students.

Self-Reporting of Positive Cases

Please continue to use the self-reporting portal to record COVID-19 results via this link for all positive cases. If have a positive RAT result, you need to register via the WA Health RAT Register.

Close Contacts

  • Please continue to inform the College if your son becomes a household close contact by emailing
  • Asymptomatic household close contacts who return to school must follow the requirements set out by the WA Government which includes wearing masks at all times and daily negative RATs before school each morning for the seven day isolation period.


Our College will soon receive the WA Government supply of Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs).  Once we have received the delivery, we will outline the procedures by which these RATs will be distributed to you for use by your child if they become symptomatic or if they are close household contacts. Please be mindful that while these RATs are safe for use by children, they should only be administered under the supervision of an appropriate adult.


The attachment provides an overview of the guidelines under which we are currently operating. We are excited to have our students back in their full uniforms, back in their original Mentor Groups, and back participating in the full range of co-curricular activities. We are fortunate to be able to invite parents onsite and hold larger events and will continue to 'open up' in a careful and measured way that does not put the operation of our school at risk.

Thank you for your continued support in what are challenging times. Keep safe, and if you need support, advice or assistance, please be in touch.

Kind regards

Ms Jenny Knox
Vice Principal