COVID-19 Update - Wednesday 30 June 2021

Students will commence their well-deserved winter break at 3.15pm this Friday 2 July.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the boys for their efforts in Term 2, an eleven week term is always a challenge. I do hope that the current COVID situation does not impact on your plans for the holidays.

Unfortunately, there is no longer such a thing as a ‘normal term’ since COVID visited us and, on behalf of the Pastoral Board and all the staff, I pass on my thanks to you for your support and to your sons for their efforts. They will be receiving their mid-year reports soon, so please use the opportunity to engage them in conversation about whether that report represents their best effort, or if there is room to improve.

The Parent/Teacher/Student interview evening is due for the first Monday of next term, and this will be the perfect opportunity to set goals for the remainder of the year. There is plenty of support for them, should they wish to avail themselves, and that support has increased this term with two College Psychologists joining the Pastoral Board. Ms Dominique Thatcher and Mr Raffaele Guadagnino have seamlessly fit into the team at the College, and I believe their level of service will add greatly to the well-being of every member of our community. They are available to dispense their wisdom on a number of fronts, not just mental health issues. Study skills, organisational skills, grief counselling, social skills, academic progress and other teenage issues are all part of the repertoire of expertise they possess. They are also available to parents who may need advice on any of the aforementioned topics.


Term 3 commences on Monday 19 July, with boys to be dressed in their winter uniform on their return to the College.
Boys are reminded that personal presentation regarding uniform and grooming should be addressed before the commencement of the term, as per the Charter of Commitment. All these requirements can be found in the Student Passport.

COVID permitting, the uniform shop will be open on Friday 16 July from 9.00am to 12.00noon. If your son is visiting the uniform shop without you, please ensure he has cash or a completed CBC credit card payment slip which you can access here.

Each term our lost and found inventory increases exponentially. Please make sure you label ALL of your son’s clothing, lunchboxes and utensils and all other personal items clearly.


Often, parents and visitors to the College comment on how smart our boys look and indeed the high standard of turnout in the College is the reason why parents choose CBC Fremantle for their children. Our families know that the secret of our success in this area is the commitment you and your son made at enrolment. Your son should own this commitment, but he may need a gentle reminder. Please support his formation by timetabling in a visit to the barber in the second week. There is a trend at the moment to ‘experiment’ with haircuts.

A CBC haircut does not include any undercut, shaved sides or curtains (hair held back by the ears). It should be off the collar, neat, clean and combed. If boys present to the College on day one of Term 3 with haircuts that do not meet their commitments, then parents may be called by Heads of House to get a cut that day, or as soon as practicable.

Remote learning

Before I conclude this communication, please take note that in this ever-changing landscape, there exists the possibility that remote learning may return as soon as the start of next term. For this reason please take note of the following.

In the event that Term 3 begins with remote learning, it is important that your son is prepared. Students are asked to take all essential equipment home by Friday 2 July. The essential equipment for remote learning is:

  • laptop and charger;
  • textbooks, exercise books, novels etc;
  • calculators, stationery etc; and
  • any approved CBC school uniform.

For students learning from home this week, it is important that suitable arrangements are made where possible to collect essential equipment from school prior to the holidays.

Given that our student attendance dropped to less than 50 per cent today, and is likely to drop further as the week progresses, on the last day of term we will revert to a modified timetable to prepare for a remote learning start to next term. If this should eventuate, then we will communicate our plan in depth just before the commencement of term.

Wishing all our CBC families a safe and restful holiday break.

Kind regards,

Mr Gary Bailey
Deputy Principal - Pastoral Care