Leaving you in the best hands

edit_img_0851.jpgAs I write to you for the last time in 2023, I am full of the joys of life and great excitement, and the reason for my feelings is not just because of my pending holiday. For the first time since 26 January 1882, this school will have as its Principal a woman. Ms Jenny Knox will be the Principal in my absence and at this week's assembly, the entire student cohort gave her a rousing applause and, I sensed, a genuine goodwill and hopes for success.

Jenny first came to us as Director of Staff in 2018 and after a year away in 2020 returned as Vice Principal in 2021. Jenny understands this school and its community to a profound depth. Many of you will have been contacted during those dark pandemic days when she did a gargantuan job liaising with all families, offering support, following up with contact tracing, providing COVID-19 update communications and generally being my professional rock. Jenny is a beautiful person with a deep faith and is able to articulate the CBC experience as well as anyone. I know she will have the universal support of you all for the remainder of this year and look forward to returning in 2024 with much of the building finished and seeing the school shine even brighter.

Mr Brent Butcher will be the Vice Principal during this time. Again, Brent has a long association with CBC, serving as teacher, Head of House and on the leadership team over the 12 years he was with us before being appointed Deputy Principal at Mercedes College. After five years, including some time as Principal, Brent has returned to his roots and the portfolio he did do much to cultivate before he left. Brent's understanding of the CBC Journey document, its vision and development for use in Pastoral Care and behaviour management is pivotal, and already he has led the Heads of House in their expanded understanding of the potential of this powerful articulation of our College mission.

Our current Director of Staff, Mrs Georgi Bowler, will become the Deputy Principal Mission and Identity, keeping some of her old portfolio, but adding some responsibilities that Jenny has shed. Georgi has been instrumental during her time at CBC in supporting staff and ensuring the smooth operation of the College, and her efforts during COVID also contributed to the success we had as a community in continuing to deliver the CBC experience to our boys and their families.

Ms Emer Hickey will support the Pastoral Board by taking up the role of Director of Student Wellbeing and be a part of the College Leadership Team. Mr Michael Ruggiero returns to the Pastoral Board as Head of O'Connor House, but in the care of your sons there is no demarcation, so please reach out to whomever you have the established relationship.

Mr Scott McDonnell will continue in his role of Deputy Principal Teaching and Learning and provides excellent leadership in academic pathways and opportunities for your sons. In his position as Business Manager, Mr Mark Bianchini has enormous experience in school leadership and ensures our school is well-placed to deliver the best possible outcomes while remaining authentic in our mission.

In closing, I want to share a conversation I had today with Leo Di Gregorio who is Principal of Sacred Heart College. In congratulating me for our boys winning the A Division Swimming Carnival yesterday he said the following verbatim:

"Dom, I want you to pass on my congratulations to the CBC swimmers, but not just for winning. All day, in every way, whether winning or bringing up the tail, whether cheering or marshalling, whether passing someone as they went about their business or thanking judges as they left the pool deck, your boys were perfect gentlemen. They just stood out for their behaviour and grace. You should be so proud"

And proud I am.

My flight leaves for Istanbul next Wednesday. May I take this opportunity to thank you all for the continual and steadfast support you provide this College and me personally. The school year has been amazing thus far and I hope it continues to deliver on our commitment to partner you in forming the best possible version of your son. As you know, I am still struggling with the loss of my beloved brother and the pain will return on Saturday as I celebrate his birthday for the first time at his gravesite. Such loss provides great perspective and should encourage all of us to love whilst we can. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers and I assure you I will be constantly keeping you and your sons in mine. I look forward to returning in 2024 and welcoming our next CBC gentlemen, among who will be my beautiful grandson. God Bless you all and have a great year.

Love, Dom

Mr Domenic Burgio