Parallel Messaging

1h1a4208.jpgAs an avid Collingwood supporter, I have enjoyed the last few years, not only for the exciting game style but for the outstanding leadership of their coach Craig McRae. I appreciate that not everyone follows the AFL and especially the Magpies, however Craig has brought a unique and refreshing outlook to his role.

The parallel between his style and messaging closely aligns with our Journey document. McRae's unique style of coaching is based on connection, care and genuine love for one another, he is a relational coach. Our community is also based around positive relationships, we like the Collingwood players only succeed if we work together, not in pursuit of a cup, but the formation of gentleman being our goal.

Our shared commitment in this formation is not easy, there are constant challenges and at times our boys lose their way. Earlier this year one of McRae's players was caught up in an off-field controversy, his response to the playing group was "I know I am not going to condone the things you do all the time. I will challenge you, and I will have accountability and responsibility on things I don't agree with, or things that don't suit being an AFL footballer. But at the end of the day, once we have addressed that and we have accountability, I will show love and support, like you would with your own child."

At CBC Fremantle, accountability is critical and like McRae highlights once an individual recognises their responsibility we can move on with love and support. At times our students make serious errors, they can disappoint you with their choices, however we recognise that accountability is a characteristic which when embraced can be liberating.

With mistakes, failure and disappointment, comes opportunity. These are avenues to build resilience, every time a student gets something wrong, he can learn, grow and strive to be better. Our students are called to face and overcome challenges, to be resilient and be the best version of themselves every day. McRae has fostered an environment where his players are encouraged to make mistakes and take the game on with a more exciting style. With this style comes errors, these are accepted, acknowledged and the team encourages each other to try again, and be better the next time that same opportunity arises.

img_2634.jpg"We must spark hope, confidence and a sense of belief in our young men so that they are willing to be vulnerable yet continue to pursue their dreams when faced with adversity."

Image: Mr Butcher with Mason Cox on a past College AFL Tour to Melbourne.

Our students are also encouraged to take safe risks in their academic, sporting and cultural pursuits. McRae was quoted "I want to be a coach that backs people in and believes in people sometimes more than they believe in themselves," As Parents and Teachers this rings so true, we must spark hope, confidence and a sense of belief in our young men so that they are willing to be vulnerable yet continue to pursue their dreams when faced with adversity.

Relationships are at the core of everything we do at CBC Fremantle, it seems that McRae has a similar philosophy. Whether it be welcoming players children or their mothers into the huddle for the team song, reaching out to the disadvantaged and marginalised McRae has embraced and encouraged these opportunities. We understand the importance of partnership, the opportunity to work together with you positively to ensure your son/s are offered every opportunity to succeed. There is no premiership cup awaiting most of our young men, however, the aspiration of developing into tomorrow's gentleman is worthy of pursuit and celebration.

Brent Butcher
Vice Principal