Staff Experience The Rite Journey

trj-9.jpgLast Friday, our staff boarded buses and headed to Edmund Rice College, Bindoon, to explore our Rites of Passage context. While spared from the scorching days, chilly nights and countless flies that the Year 9s encounter each November, we were immersed in the theory and practices that shape The Rite Journey program (TRJ).

At CBC Fremantle, we recognise the need to explicitly guide adolescents into adulthood. TRJ acknowledges this call for guidance, providing boys a structured path to self-awareness and personal growth. It focuses on leaving behind 'boy' behaviours, accepting challenges, developing self-awareness and emotional literacy, building resilience and a strong sense of belonging.

The culmination of TRJ is The Abyss Experience at Edmund Rice College in Bindoon. Over the course of 48 hours, students navigate solitude, mental and physical trials, teamwork, moments of the heart and guided reflection. By involving our staff in this program, we build our collective capacity to connect with our boys and our mission to form CBC Gentlemen.

By involving our staff in this program, we build our collective capacity to connect with our boys and our mission to form CBC Gentlemen.

Last week was particularly special as we commemorated the Feast of the Assumption, based on the Catholic teaching that Mary, the mother of God, was taken body and soul into heaven at the culmination of her earthly journey. Millions around the globe gather to commemorate this event, and here at CBC Fremantle, a beautiful Mass led by our new Parish Priest, Father Slawek, was held in the Chapel to mark the occasion.

trj-8.jpgWe draw lessons from Mary's Assumption for the contemporary journey of our boys. This pivotal event underscores the importance of women in shaping societies, families, and communities. The virtues mirrored in Mary's life — faith, humility, and selflessness — inspire men and women alike to pursue compassion and goodness.

In our context as a boys' school, we recognise and celebrate women and their achievements every day. Several years ago, our TRJ classes challenged the idea that 'kick like a girl' was an insult. This was in response to the very public trolling of AFLW star Tayla Harris. Today, in Australia, the phrase 'kick like a girl' takes on a wonderful new life after the inspirational achievements of the Matildas.

Mary's journey also shows us resilience in the face of adversity. With grace, she carried out her earthly duties, however challenging. Her Assumption inspires us to consider our place in the divine plan, to have faith and to persevere in the face of life's trials.

Just as Mary serves as a guiding light, TRJ is a transformative catalyst for boys on the precipice of adulthood. The program helps the boys develop into responsible and respectful adults. Both narratives underscore the significance of empowerment, mentorship, self-discovery, and resilience. As we reflect on Mary's Assumption, we are reminded of the shared journey of humanity — a journey where, much like Mary, we are poised to transcend earthly limitations and reach for greatness.