Whirlwind start to 2021

Whilst the start to the year has been a little disrupted, 2021 finally got underway, albeit resembling the Carnevale di Venezia. Luckily the mask-wearing is behind us for the time being and I am able to see the faces of our beautiful young men and their beaming smiles. 

Several events have been either postponed or delayed so far this year. We will try and deliver as many as possible, wherever possible. One ceremony that was delayed, but delivered a week later than usual, was the traditional Year 7 welcome. This beautiful and moving ceremony, against the backdrop of Mark Knoffler’s ‘Going Home’ has become a seminal feature of the CBC Fremantle journey from boy to gentleman. As I stated on the day, no matter how many times I hear the song, its association with our College always makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand to attention. As one mum once said to me, it’s a 10 on the Tissue Richter Scale.

The importance of the event is much deeper than a simple welcome. It is one of a myriad of rites, formal and informal; tangible and intangible; overt and covert that accompany the CBC boys on their journey to fulfilling our aspiration for them. But as I reminded all the boys over the past two weeks, ‘tomorrow’s gentleman’ is an aspiration, not a guarantee. There is a massive difference between a CBC Boy and a boy who goes to CBC. A CBC Boy takes the full opportunity provided by the partnership between his school and his parents to be formed into the best possible version of himself. A boy who comes to CBC doesn’t.

As another academic year starts, I urge you, especially in the absence of the Parent Information Evenings, to talk to your son about the difference and remind him that the sacrifices you make to give him the privileges he has bestowed upon him are worthy of recognition, gratitude and dividend. Use the season of Lent to engage him regarding his goals and commitments; to you, to his family and to his school community. Positively nourish him when he gets the little things right, because from these little things, he’ll get the big things right. Importantly, challenge him when he forgets his commitments and takes the low road, for it is only through challenge that improvement follows.


This week we were sad to bid farewell to our long-serving College Counsellor, Ms Valma Granich. Valma commenced at CBC 21 years ago, first as Pastoral Care Coordinator, then as College Counsellor. Over the course of her time at CBC she has been a rock for many members of our community at their times of greatest need. There can be no greater good than that which is done for those experiencing their darkest hours, and for that, Valma will be forever remembered positively by all those she assisted. We thank Valma for her incredible commitment to the boys and their families, the staff and to the broader EREA community.

Last night we welcomed our Year 7 parents with a wine and cheese evening, and it was a pleasure to see new friends and old gather under the stars in the Cloisters. These events are an honour to attend and I can tell you that I am constantly inspired by the good people who we are privileged to welcome into our community.

We also welcomed 10 new staff at the beginning of the academic year and you can read more – and try to guess what they look like behind their masks – in the article in this newsletter here.

 I hope to see as many of you as possible in the coming weeks and look forward to another wonderful year at this school that I love so deeply.

God bless,

Mr Domenic Burgio