COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 information for the CBC Fremantle community.

CBC Fremantle follows advice from the Western Australian Government, Department of Health Western Australia (DOHWA), Department of Education Western Australia, Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA) and Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA).

We ask that you work with your sons to understand their role and responsibility in keeping our College community safe.

We are committed to the health and wellbeing of our College community and have outlined our current protocols below:

  • Masks must be worn as mandated unless there is a valid medical exemption.
  • Parents/guardians are now able to come on site.
  • Uniform shop is open to parents.
  • Staff, students and visitors have a responsibility to protect themselves and others.

Self-reporting of results.

It is important that families inform the College if their son tests positive for COVID-19 so that we can undertake educational continuity planning. Please also continue to notify CBC Fremantle if your child is a close contact.

Families can now inform the school of their son’s positive or negative COVID result via this link.

Accurate and up-to-date information can be found at the COVID-19 website.

Below are the latest College updates on COVID-19. This page is updated regularly.

Continuity of Learning

The Continuity of Learning plan has been developed to assist students with their learning whilst they are unable to access face-to-face learning.  As required the College will ensure that our teaching and learning continues in Face-to-Face, Hybrid or Remotely in accordance with the required COVID protocols. 

Our main platforms for Hybrid and Remote Learning are:

SEQTA: Use SEQTA to find instructions and content for each lesson.

Microsoft Teams: Every student is part of a class Team.  Teams are used for video lessons and a communication tool to the teacher and classmates.

Other Technologies: Additional technologies approved by CBC are used by teachers.  They can include Canva, Kahoot, Forms, Mathletics, Maths Space, Lexia, Reading Plus, Education Perfect, OneNote and other Office 365 products







Continuity of Learning FAQ's

Will SEQTA have adequate instructions for my child to complete their work at home?

Yes.  All teachers are required to meet CBC Fremantle's minimum standard on SEQTA so your child is able to manage and complete the lesson.

How much work will my child be provided?

Our intention is to set the same amount of work that would be completed within the normal timetabled lesson.

Will my child still complete assessments?

Students may be required to complete assessments.  Each situation is different and the teacher will inform the student of the requirement of the assessment in accordance with our Assessment Policy.

Has my child been show how to access SEQTA, TEAMS and other technologies?

Yes, teachers have taught every class how to access and use our technology platforms.

What is happening with the practical activities?

All practical activities will continue on campus in accordance with COVID protocols.  Some activities are unable to be duplicated at home and teachers are providing possible alternative, reimagined options for your child.

What is happening with cocurricular, sport and other school activities?

Our intention is to continue with as many activities as we can in accordance with COVID protocols.  Staff will inform you

What do I do if my child has technical problems?

Students should notify their classroom teacher.

COVID-19 Updates